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Our Hutto Hippo Family Dental blog provides information on cutting edge technology and traditional forms of dental care. We understand that the more you know about a dental problem or the types of procedures available the greater the likelihood that you will be able to work with us to make the decisions that are right for you. Our hope is that reading about some of these dental service topics will also ease any anxiety you may have about an upcoming dental visit or procedure.


How Sealants Can Help Your Children

Sealants Help Fight Cavities Sealants are thin coatings that a dentist can paint over molars to prevent tooth decay. The coating protects the chewing surface of the tooth by blocking out bacteria and food. Bacteria working on food particles create acids that erode...

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Baby Teeth: Their Purpose and Protecting Them

Taking Care of Your Child’s Baby Teeth Baby teeth typically emerge around six months after birth. They are your child's first set of teeth and generally fall out when a child is around five or six years old. How Do Baby Teeth Prepare for Permanent Teeth? In most...

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Back-to-school Dental Checkups

Back-to-school dental checkups help you prevent problems before your kids get caught up in the whirlwind of the school year. Busy schedules sometimes lead to delays for dental visits.

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Shrinking Jaws Affect Dental Health

Tooth Crowding, Misalignment, Abnormal Bites and Impacted Wisdom Teeth Shrinking jaws are resulting in dental problems such as tooth crowding, misalignment, abnormal bites, and impacted wisdom teeth. Many people view braces for themselves or their children as an...

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Dentistry for Older Patients

What dental issues do older patients face? Dentistry for older patients requires a shift in focus to meet their needs. At every stage of life, your teeth are growing or changing and they present unique challenges. According to JADA (Journal of American Dental...

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Dental Visit Safety During Covid-19

Are Dental Offices Doing to Keep You Safe? Dental visit safety during Covid-19 is not something dentists can guarantee, but they are taking numerous precautions to make your visit safe. Lessening the chances of contagion has involved numerous changes in how a dental...

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Oral Health and Athletic Performance

What does athletic performance have to do with good oral health? Oral health and athletic performance have a relationship that’s not difficult to fathom. Imagine how much a toothache could distract an elite athlete during an Olympic game. It’s tough enough to perform...

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Tooth Decay Prevention and Healing

What You Should Know About Cavities Tooth decay prevention is a concern for people all over the world.The reason is untreated tooth decay isn't just painful. It's also unhealthy and can lead to tooth loss, infection and in some cases even death. The conventional...

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Why Flossing Works

Flossing: Microbiome Research Sheds Light Flossing works. Patients and dentists both know this is true. However, recent research provides some insight into why it works. Breakthrough Research through Crowd-sourcing To understand the research, you need to know what a...

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Bacteria Causing Cavities and Gum Disease

Bacteria in Your Mouth Have Allies and Enemies Bacteria causing cavities and gum disease do not act alone. Cartoons that show armies of bacteria attacking teeth may not be as ridiculous as they seem. Recent research shows that it’s not just the presence of bacteria...

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