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Our Hutto Hippo Family Dental blog provides information on cutting edge technology and traditional forms of dental care. We understand that the more you know about a dental problem or the types of procedures available the greater the likelihood that you will be able to work with us to make the decisions that are right for you. Our hope is that reading about some of these dental service topics will also ease any anxiety you may have about an upcoming dental visit or procedure.


Children’s Dental Care Guidelines for Toothpaste

How Early Should Your Child Use Fluoride Toothpaste? Children’s dental care guidelines for toothpaste have changed during the past few years. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) used to recommend no use of fluoride toothpaste until the baby was two years old....

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When Sensitivity from Fillings Should Concern You

Should You Check with Your Dentist? If tooth sensitivity from fillings that you're experiencing is not short-term, then there may be cause for concern. A variety of dental problems can cause this to happen. Long Term Sensitivity from Fillings The following can cause...

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After a Filling, Is Your Tooth Sensitive?

A Certain Amount of Discomfort After a Filling is Normal After a filling, a tooth may feel sensitive for a few days, and this is normal. According to Medical News Today, when the dentist fills a cavity, you can experience uncomfortable sensations afterward in the area...

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Rebuilding Tooth Enamel: Scientific Breakthroughs

Peptide Hydrogel Is Rebuilding Enamel on Teeth Rebuilding tooth enamel isn't possible, or so scientists thought. When food and drinks are acidic, they wear down tooth enamel, and cavities result. This erosion is considered permanent. However, a breakthrough has...

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Whiter Teeth: Is It a Myth that They Are Healthier?

Whiter Teeth are not necessarily healthier teeth or even stronger teeth. In fact, for the most part, slightly yellow teeth are both stronger and healthier than white teeth. Granted, teeth that look darkened or have stains are not usually healthy, but teeth with a...

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What Are Cavities and Why Treat Them?

Dentists often discuss cavities and how to treat them during dental visits. You know they aren't good, but what are they exactly and what causes them? How Do Cavities Form? The simple answer is: a cavity is a hole in your tooth, and the hole results from tooth decay....

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Pacifiers Versus Thumb Sucking for Children

Are Pacifiers Better than Thumb Sucking? Pacifiers win the debate, if you’re wondering which is better for babies to suck, pacifiers or thumbs. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD),pacifiers win because breaking pacifier use is  easier than...

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Thumb Sucking: What Every Parent Should Know

When Do You Draw the Line on Thumb Sucking? Most parents are aware that thumb sucking should have a limit and there is a time when it should end. When you see a child who is five or six sucking a thumb, it just doesn't seem right. Yet when a baby sucks a thumb, it...

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Gum Lift: What Is It and Why Get One Done?

What Reasons Do Dentists Have for a Gum Lift or Gum Contouring? A gum lift is something many people have not heard of. Body lifts are common for faces, abdomens, breasts, buttocks and thighs. We live in a world where cosmetic surgery has become increasingly more...

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Dry Mouth: How It Affects Dental Health

Is Constant Dry Mouth Bad for Your Teeth? Dry mouth, when it is constant, can have a bad effect on your dental health. This is a problem today because many medications have this side effect. Also, certain diseases can make your mouth feel dry, such as diabetes, AIDS,...

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