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Our Hutto Hippo Family Dental blog provides information on cutting edge technology and traditional forms of dental care. We understand that the more you know about a dental problem or the types of procedures available the greater the likelihood that you will be able to work with us to make the decisions that are right for you. Our hope is that reading about some of these dental service topics will also ease any anxiety you may have about an upcoming dental visit or procedure.


Tooth Erosion: How You Eat and Drink Can Make a Difference

Tooth erosion is caused by acidity. Some foods and drinks are more acidic than others and acidity can affect the enamel on your teeth by wearing them down, which can lead to tooth sensitivity, discoloration and loss of teeth. Some of the worst beverages for your teeth...

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Toothpaste: Which Toothpaste Is Right for You?

There are many different kinds of toothpaste on the market today and with all the available choices, you may be looking for reasons to choose one type over another. Medical News Today suggests considering the following factors when choosing toothpaste: Fluoride...

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Lies About Flossing: Does Your Dentist Know?

Dentists most likely do know when a patient lies about flossing. Based on a survey that asked adult patients if they had lied about flossing, about 27% admitted to lying. What would some of them rather do than floss their teeth? Over a third of the patients would...

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Teething: Help with Treating Two-Year Molars

Teething toddlers can be a handful and knowing what to do as a parent can be a relief for both your toddler and you. The two-year molars generally break through the gum when a child is between the ages of 22 and 33 months old. The lower set comes in first and the...

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Gum Graft Surgery: Preparation and Recovery

For gum graft surgery, there are before and after steps to prepare for surgery and recover from it. Once you hear that you're getting a gum graft, it’s time to start making arrangements. It’s good to prepare ahead and this is true for any surgery. Gum Graft...

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Gum Graft: What Is a Gum Graft and How Is It Effective?

A gum graft can be an effective treatment for gum recession. When you get to a certain age and your gums are receding, your dentist may suggest it as a way to save your teeth. According to Medical News Today, a gum graft is dental surgery where a periodontist removes...

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Dental Myths: Debunking Some of the Most Common Dental Myths

Dental myths can create unnecessary fear, and it can be a relief to find out the truth. In any field, myths and false information can circulate. We hope to ease your mind by debunking some common dental myths. Here are some common myths about dental health, posted by...

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White Spots on Teeth: Causes and Treatments

Have you ever noticed white spots on teeth, your own or on other people's teeth? The good news is that white spots are usually not serious medical concerns but it helps to understand the causes and what treatments are available. What Causes White Spots on Teeth?...

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