Should You Check with Your Dentist?

If tooth sensitivity from fillings that you’re experiencing is not short-term, then there may be cause for concern. A variety of dental problems can cause this to happen.

Long Term Sensitivity from Fillings

The following can cause long-term sensitivity from fillings:

Irritated Nerve

If the nerve does not heal and the irritation does not disappear after a few weeks, you should see your dentist. When a damaged nerve doesn’t heal, the nerve may die, and the dentist may decide you need a root canal.

Misaligned Bite

Once the tooth is filled, it should align with the other teeth in your mouth and not be too short or too tall. When the tooth is too tall, biting down can result in pressure that causes pain or irritation. Extreme sensitivity that results from chewing or biting down may indicate that the dentist should file the filled tooth to align it more with the other teeth.

Inflammation of the Pulp

The pulp is the tooth layer underneath the enamel and dentin. An inflamed pulp is a condition called pulpitis. Pulpitis can be painful or make your tooth sensitive.

Tooth trauma from an accident that cracks or breaks a tooth can cause pulpitis. An extremely deep cavity that reaches into the pulp layer can also cause it. Sometimes with multiple fillings or procedures, the pulp will suffer from inflammation and develop into pulpitis.

When inflammation is mild, the pulp often heals without treatment. Sometimes a new filling or antibiotics will clear it up.

However, when the nerve is damaged and begins to die, standard treatment is to perform a root canal.

Tooth Abscess

Tooth Abscess occurs when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected. Gum disease, a deep cavity or cracked tooth can cause an abscess to occur. The symptoms associated with this problem are typically more extreme than what you would experience after a filling. Symptoms often include severe toothache, red gums, fever, a pimple or boil on the gums, sensitivity or a bad taste in your mouth.

Gum Disease

Gum disease can make your teeth feel sensitive. Symptoms of gum disease include red or bleeding gums, sores or loose teeth.

Broken teeth or fillings can also cause pain. Sometimes there is no pain, but even if there is no pain, you should see your dentist as soon as possible.

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