Your wisdom teeth are the last, farthest back molars in your mouth on the upper and lower gums. Today most dentists recommend you have your wisdom teeth removed to avoid painful problems. But, that doesn’t always happen. People lead busy lives and removing wisdom teeth you’re unaware of may not be your priority when you’re not experiencing any discomfort. Yet, when wisdom teeth become impacted, you will know it.

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While a rare number of people never get wisdom teeth, in most people they come in between the ages of 17 and 25 (according to WebMD). Common reasons to have them removed include:

They are impacted (trapped in your gums and jaw by tissue or other teeth)

They cause other teeth to become misaligned

Your mouth is too small for that many teeth

They’re hard to clean, which can lead to gum disease and cavity formation

Signs of Wisdom Teeth Troubles

Here are some signs of impacted wisdom teeth:

Sore or bleeding gums

Pain around the molars

Redness and swelling

Oral infection

Jaw pain

Bad breath

Bad taste when chewing food


Swollen glands

When your dentist takes x-rays, he can see whether you have wisdom teeth developing and often can predict whether you will have problems.

Is removing wisdom teeth the right thing for you? Make an appointment with Dr. Baker and get his professional opinion. And take a moment to hear what he has to say about wisdom teeth.