sealant for your teeth hutto tx dentist

Do you worry about your kids getting cavities? Or, perhaps you have your own problem with cavities? Aside from brushing twice a day, flossing, staying away from sweets and getting frequent checkups, what can you do to prevent cavities? You can ask your dentist whether a sealant would be right for you.

The American Dental Association (ADA) explains that sealants are a plastic material that dentists apply to the surface of premolars and molars. These teeth have grooves and depressions necessary for chewing food. However, they also are difficult for toothbrushes to reach. As a result, food sticks in your back teeth, acid erodes them and creates a hole, called a cavity. Plaque can also build up. When cavities reach the nerve, you feel pain. Drilling or filling is one solution and pulling the tooth or capping it is another. The best thing to do is to avoid cavities altogether. And with a sealant, you can prevent cavities from forming.

The sealant material bonds directly to the tooth and protects the chewing surfaces of back teeth. Consequently, plaque and acids don’t affect the teeth. Sealants can last for several years. In addition, your dentist can reapply a sealant as necessary.

Some people are more prone to bacteria that cause cavities than other people. If you or your child is cavity prone, ask about having a sealant applied. Dr. Baker can examine your teeth and suggest the best way for you to take care of them.