Sugar-sweetened, Acidic Drinks Study

The soft drink connection with dental problems is not a new discovery. However, a recent study published in Clinical Oral Investigations provides additional interesting facts. The study clearly shows that soft drinks are the common denominator between dental problems and obesity.

Soft Drink Connection with Dental Problems

Studies done by King’s College London scientists revealed that obesity was associated with tooth enamel erosion. Soft drinks were the underlying cause of both obesity and wearing down tooth enamel.

Researchers conducted the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in 2003-2004 on 3,541 U.S. patients. They recorded intakes of acidic, sugar-sweetened drinks during two different 24-hour interviews. Patients provided details about their diet during these two days. The conclusion was that carbonated soft drinks and acidic fruit juices led to tooth erosion. Obese patients had additional risk factors such as acid reflux that adversely affected teeth.

What Is Tooth Erosion or Tooth Wear?

Tooth erosion is the premature aging of teeth due to diet that soften tooth enamel. Diets that are acidic or that release gastric acids create wear and tear on the teeth. The outer tooth enamel gradually dissolves.

Dissolving enamel can change the shape or appearance of your teeth. It can make them sensitive when drinking cold beverages or eating cold foods. When extreme, over time your complete tooth structure wears away.

The good news is that healthy diets and good dental care habits can prevent tooth erosion.

Do you want to lose some weight and protect your teeth? If so, give up soft drinks and acidic fruit juices.

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