Guidelines for Scheduling Dental Visits

Dental visits are essential for good dental care. Most people want to take good care of their teeth, but sometimes lack of knowledge or ignoring good dental guidelines prevents them from doing so.

Regular checkups

The frequency of dental visits typically varies from person to person. Some people may need to visit once a year, others twice a year and others quarterly. Your dentist can explain the different purposes for dental visits and help you decide how often you need to visit.

What symptoms indicate you need to schedule dental visit?

Even though you may have dental visits scheduled ahead of time, there are also signs that indicate you may need to see the dentist sooner.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), common signs include:

  • Your gums started becoming sore, swollen or are bleeding when you brush or floss
  • Pain or swelling in your mouth is occurring
  • You’re having trouble chewing or swallowing
  • Your mouth frequently feels dry
  • Hot or cold drinks or foods make your teeth hurt
  • How your teeth look or affect your smile makes you feel unhappy
  • Your medical condition has changed, such as pregnancy, diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, an eating disorder or are HIV positive
  • Major medical changes have occurred, such as receiving medical treatment like chemotherapy, radiation of hormone replacement therapy
  • You smoke or use tobacco products
  • When opening for closing your mouth, when you chew or when you first wake up, your jaw hurts
  • A sore in your mouth isn’t going away
  • You have fillings, crowns, dentures or dental implants.

Why do you need to keep regular dental visit appointments even if you aren’t having symptoms?

Other medical conditions can sometimes also affect your dental health. A dentist uses diagnostic tools and techniques that can detect an oral health problem, sometimes even before you begin to feel symptoms.

If you experience major health changes, it is wise to let your dentist know and that way your dental care can be tailored to meet your needs.

If you have concerns about your dental care, our dentists at Hutto Hippo Family Dental are glad to answer your questions.