Peptide Hydrogel Is Rebuilding Enamel on Teeth

Rebuilding tooth enamel isn’t possible, or so scientists thought. When food and drinks are acidic, they wear down tooth enamel, and cavities result. This erosion is considered permanent.

However, a breakthrough has occurred based on the research of Professor Janet Moradian-Oldak, who has been conducting experiments on a hydrogel she developed. The hydrogel can rebuild an enamel-like surface on teeth. She also will test to see whether it can re-mineralizes dentin as well.

How Does the Hydrogel Work?

Medical Express reported that her patented hydrogel contains a substance used by humans and animals to build enamel. It is a peptide, which is a chain of amino acids. She derived the peptide from the main protein contained in tooth enamel.

She paints the gel onto teeth worn down by the early formation of cavities or hypersensitivity.

Her research has already shown that the peptide can re-grow tooth enamel. Furthermore, she has already received grants for her research to discover whether it will also re-mineralize dentin.

Her goal is to use the peptides to develop a new type of filling material.

Can you imagine a future time when you go to the dentist and instead of filling your teeth with resin or amalgam fillings, you receive a gel filling that rebuilds your tooth?

How Is This Technique of Rebuilding Tooth Enamel Different than Fluoride?

While fluoride can make teeth stronger, it does not rebuild enamel. What fluoride does is it creates deposits on top of the tooth that block the tubes in the dentin layer. Fluoride also blocks the nerve. It helps to promote mineralization but does not actually rebuild enamel the way peptides do.

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