No insurance dental plan in Hutto TX

If you don’t have dental insurance, you’re not alone. The American Dental Association estimates that approximately 50 percent of the U.S. population doesn’t have dental insurance. But not to worry. We have come up with a way for you to pay for dental work, and we’re excited about it!

The Smile Saver Dental Plan

Even though this plan is not insurance, it has all of the advantages of an insurance plan. And even better, it’s like an insurance plan without the negatives:

No waiting periods

No annual plan limits

No plan maximums

No excluded services

No deductibles

No claims to file

No dealing with insurance companies

How does the plan work?

The plan’s pricing is:

$349/ year for the first family member

$299/year for each additional adult family member

$ 269/year Children (under 14)

The above prices include:

2 preventive cleanings (not periodontal treatments)

2 exams

1 yearly series of x-rays and diagnostic photos

Choice of fluoride or teeth whitening (Children under 14 do not get option of whitening)

15% off regular fees for ALL dental treatment

What are the benefits of our plan compared with typical dental costs?

Annual expenses incurred with regular fees are $536

Annual expenses incurred with “Smile Saver Dental Plan” are $349

Total annual savings are $269!

Set Up Your Plan Today!

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