What should I do if my dental crown becomes loose?

A loose dental crown warrants a dental visit as soon as possible. The main concern is that you could choke on it if it dislodged completely. Aside from that, if the cement holding the crown has washed away, bacteria can reach your tooth and cause decay. Another possibility is through injury, your tooth has fractured.

How can you tell if a crown is loose?

You might feel the crown moving when you bite or chew. Another indication of a loose crown might be sensitivity when you drink cold or hot beverages or eat cold or hot foods. Some people become aware that their bite feels different.

What causes dental crowns to loosen?

There are a number of things that could make a dental crown loosen. Here are a few causes:

  • Sticky foods
  • Grinding your teeth as a habit or while sleeping
  • A cavity beneath the crown
  • An injury to the tooth or crown
  • Dental or technician error creating an improper fit or lack of cement
  • Failing to maintain proper dental hygiene to protect your tooth from decay and gum disease.

What can your dentist do about the loose crown?

If the crown is damaged, you will need a new crown. At any rate, your dentist will likely remove the crown to see if there is any damage to the tooth. That way if tooth decay is an issue, your dentist can deal with the cavity. Unfortunately, a loose crown generally is not a simple matter of re-bonding the crown to the tooth.

We can answer your questions about a loose dental crown

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