How Can Gargling with Hydrogen Peroxide Be Good for You?

Hydrogen peroxide is safe for gargling if you use the right type and do it the right way.

Also, it is a common an antiseptic. People use it to clean minor cuts and as a disinfectant for surfaces. Its oxidizing properties make it effective for killing bacteria.

What Type of Hydrogen Peroxide Is Safe for Gargling?

According to Medical News Today, you should only use the 3% concentration type of hydrogen peroxide for gargling. Do not swallow it. Swallowing can cause an upset stomach or vomiting. Never use the food-grade hydrogen peroxide, which has a 35% concentration.It could cause serious gastrointestinal trouble.

Do not allow children to use the solution for gargling if they are likely to swallow it.

Gargling with hydrogen peroxide can offer a number of benefits and as long as you follow correct guidelines. Besides, it is safe to use. However, if irritation develops that does not disappear within a few hours, quit gargling with it.

Correct Use

To benefit and avoid side effects do the following:

  • Only use 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide
  • Mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide with 2 parts water
  • Gargle for only 30 seconds
  • Spit out the solution
  • Limit use to a few times a week

The solution may cause foam to appear in your mouth but this is normal.

What Are the Benefits?

Among the benefits are whiter teeth, treatment for sore throats and gum disease and reduction of minor mouth sores.

  • Whiter teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent and with use over time, it may whiten your teeth.
  • Good for sore throats. Gargling with the solution can reduce the bacteria in your mouth and help you get rid of infection causing a sore throat. It alters the oral environment in your mouth and releases oxygen, which can help kill bacteria.
  • Treatment for gum disease. Because of the ability to kill bacteria, it also may help reduce gum disease. It helps kill the film of bacteria that builds up plaque.
  • Reduces minor mouth sores. Cuts or canker sores lessen as a result of the oxygen it releases, which appears as foam. The foam helps clean your mouth, removes dead cells and fights bacteria.


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