Healthy holiday treats can replace the sugar highs and lows that zap your energy. Stay away from the tooth Grinch over Christmas. Fill your stockings with healthy goodies and instead be cavity free for the holidays.

Festive Healthy Holiday Treats

We found some delicious healthy holiday treats that are not just loads of fun they’re decorative too!

  • Strawberry and Cheese Mice. Each Christmas mouse consists of a strawberry, two almond slivers for ears and a strip of cheese for the tail. The adorable little holiday mouse sits on top of a cracker and cheese square.
  • Rudolph the Red Noses Sandwich. Cut your bread to look like a reindeer. Use the crust for antlers and two black olive slices for the eyes. Cut a round piece of red pepper for the nose and voilà!
  • Ornament Crackers. Use a cookie cutter to cut your ham in a circle. Place it on top of a Ritz cracker. Cut your cheese in the shape of stars, snowflakes or other shapes using a Christmas cookie cutter.
  • Christmas Tree Pita Breads. Slice your pita bread into triangle shapes. Lather guacamole on top of the bread and cut slices of red pepper or other veggies to decorate your tree.
  • Green Apple Christmas Tree. With a long straight pretzel trunk, this tree has green apple slices for branches. Tasty and healthy!
  • Boiled Egg Snowmen. Frosty the snowman is a favorite character for kids. Two boiled eggs make the head and body for one of these snowmen. Two peppercorns make the eyes on the top egg. And three peppercorns dot the bottom egg. They are coat buttons of course. With a sliver of carrot for a nose and a couple of round carrot slices for a top hat, it’s the perfect finish!
  • String Cheese Snowmen. Another healthy snowman version uses string cheese for the body and head. Using sharpies you can dot the eyes and make an orange nose. Black card stock works for the top hat. Of course the cheese is what makes the snowmen healthy holiday treats.

For more information and ideas about healthy holiday snacks and recipes, go to Brendid.com.

Happy Holidays!

Hutto Hippo Family Dental wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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