What Reasons Do Dentists Have for a Gum Lift or Gum Contouring?

A gum lift is something many people have not heard of. Body lifts are common for faces, abdomens, breasts, buttocks and thighs. We live in a world where cosmetic surgery has become increasingly more common. Many people work on enhancing their physical appearance. Therefore, body lifts are no longer a new idea. But gum lifts?

What Is a Gum Lift?

When your gums lie too high against your teeth you may not like how it looks when you smile. Receding gums can make a person’s teeth appear longer and some people don’t find that attractive.

According to WebMD, a gum lift is typically cosmetic surgery, and most people have it done to improve their smiles. When the gum is too high or too low, contouring gum surgery can adjust the appearance. However, gum surgery isn’t always only for cosmetic purposes. Gum contouring can be done for medical reasons as well.

What Are Some Medical Reasons for Gum Surgery?

When gums recede, patients are more prone to dental decay and tooth loss. Receding gums can also be signs of periodontal disease (gum disease), which causes bone and gums to deteriorate. A tooth’s root can become exposed when the gum recedes, and that can create greater sensitivity and discomfort, especially with hot or cold foods or beverages.

Dentists often use gum contouring to treat pocket reduction, crown lengthening and for other regenerative dental procedures. Gum contouring is a type of surgery that grafts gum tissue from one area of the mouth onto another area where there is a lack of tissue. Also, if gum tissue is excessive and covers a crown, your dentist can perform contouring surgery to trim it back.

Conditions where gums are uneven can be genetic or can result from various health conditions or prescription medicines.

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