What happens to your teeth when you get dental veneers?

Good oral hygiene for dental veneers is important. When you practice good dental care, you can expect your teeth and veneers to last. Also, keep in mind that your tooth is still there. Except for a tiny bit of enamel, your tooth’s structure is complete. The outer layer of enamel, inner layer of dentin, pulp, nerve and root are intact. After the dentists remove a fraction of a millimeter of enamel, they bond the veneer to the tooth. A veneer is simply a thin outer covering. Even so, it can add protection for a damaged or weakened tooth.

However, the main purpose of a veneer is typically cosmetic. The veneer covers gaps between teeth, discolored or chipped teeth. Veneers present a perfect shape and fit with other teeth, giving you the Hollywood smile.

Why is dental care important for veneers and teeth?

Before getting veneers, you must have healthy teeth and gums, free of disease and decay.

After veneers, you must brush and floss daily. You should also have your teeth checked and cleaned regularly.

Failure to maintain good dental hygiene can result in bacteria buildup between your teeth. The bacteria can decay the enamel of your tooth underneath the veneer. You may not realize it is happening until you feel pain. If not treated, you could end up needing a root canal to save your tooth. Or, the dentist might have to extract your tooth.

Whether your veneers last or not, is really up to you and how well you take care of your teeth.

Do you have questions about oral hygiene for dental veneers?

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