What You Need to Know About Proper Use and Care of Dentures

Dentures require proper use and care like most things. And knowing what to do can help you make them last longer.

Important Facts About Denture Use

According to the ADA, dentures should easily fit your mouth. Biting down to force a denture into position should never be necessary. In fact, doing so could break the denture clasps or bend them.

You should let your dentist know if your denture is uncomfortable. Adjusting it can solve this problem.

While you’re getting used to your dentures, it’s a good idea to start out with soft foods and take small bites. You’ll want to keep even pressure on the sides of your mouth and can do this by chewing on both sides. Foods that are hard or sticky may be a challenge and it’s a good idea to avoid them. Also, the same is true of chewing gum, which can stick to your denture.

Tips for Taking Care of Dentures


As much as advertisers promote the benefits of toothpaste for brushing teeth, it may be too harsh for your dentures. Don’t use household cleaners either. Hand soap or mild dishwashing liquid won’t harm them and also works well to get them clean. A soft toothbrush used daily can help remove food deposits and plaque that builds up. It will also help prevent permanent staining.

You should use either a soft-bristled toothbrush air a brush specifically designed for cleaning dentures. Avoid hard bristles that can result in damage.

Rinse out food particles and gently brush all the surfaces. Don’t bend the clasps or attachments.

It’s a good idea to put a towel in the sink or stand over a towel when cleaning to prevent accidentally dropping them on a hard surface.

Be sure to thoroughly wash off the dentures before putting them in your mouth.

Soak Over Night

Soaking overnight keeps a denture moist, which helps it keep its shape. You should never take it out at night and leave it out of solution or water.

We’re Glad to Help You with Dental Care

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