What dental issues do older patients face?

Dentistry for older patients requires a shift in focus to meet their needs. At every stage of life, your teeth are growing or changing and they present unique challenges.

According to JADA (Journal of American Dental Association), many older patients must deal with the problem of missing teeth. Teeth wear out and crack or become loose as bone deteriorates. Sometimes extraction is the only answer. However, as a result, some sort of replacement becomes necessary.

The following are solutions to missing teeth.


What is a bridge? A bridge is made up of artificial teeth and it replaces the missing teeth by filling in the gap. Your dentist can suggest two different types of bridges. One type is a fixed bridge. The dentist cements it to your existing teeth, which hold it in place. You can’t remove this type of bridge. The other type is a removable bridge, which you can remove, as the name suggests. Removable bridges have clips that fit around existing teeth. Both types of bridges have teeth that match your natural tooth color. In addition, a removable bridge has teeth mounted on a pink acrylic base that matches the color of your gums. The removable bridge is also referred to as a partial.


The difference between a removable bridge and dentures is that dentures are a complete set of artificial teeth. The saliva in your mouth is often enough to hold dentures in place. However, you can also use denture adhesive if necessary. The dentist will create dentures designed to it your particular mouth. They should feel comfortable and not rub your gums or cause mouth sores.

Dental implants

The third option for missing teeth is dental implants. These are also artificial teeth. However, they also have artificial roots, which the dentist surgically attaches to your jawbone. Implants may consist of one or more teeth.

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