Are Dental Offices Doing to Keep You Safe?

Dental visit safety during Covid-19 is not something dentists can guarantee, but they are taking numerous precautions to make your visit safe. Lessening the chances of contagion has involved numerous changes in how a dental practice operates.

What Are Some of the Changes for Dental Visit Safety During Covid-19?

First of all when you arrive at the office, you will see staff wearing facial masks and other PPE and staff members will meet you outside. They take your temperature and have you fill out a form to answer questions about your exposure to the coronavirus.

Dental staff generally space out appointments so fewer people are in the office at the same time. Staff also diligently clean rooms and equipment between visits. As a result, some offices ask patients to wait in their vehicles until the dentist is ready to see you.

At many dental practices, dentists have reorganized waiting areas by removing magazines and spacing chairs to account for social distancing. Or, you may be directly led to the room where the dentist examines and provides treatment.

How Have Procedures Changed?

Medicalexpress.com explains that major concerns are how the virus can be spread. This is especially true in a dental office. Droplets of saliva spray when people talk, cough or sneeze and can infect other people. Because dental treatment occurs in close quarters and there is frequent contact with saliva, some procedures have changed. Many dentists are using manual tools for teeth cleaning. The reason is manual cleaning creates less spray.

Also your dental hygienist or dentist will be wearing a facial mask or face shield along with other protective equipment.

Concerned about Getting Dental Treatment?

Many of our patients have come for treatment during the pandemic. Give us a call at Hutto Hippo Family Dental and make an appointment. We are glad to answer your questions. Our number is (512) 806-7740.



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