Do You Have Problems with a Broken Denture?

A broken denture is not something anyone wants to deal with, but unfortunately sometimes dentures break. In certain instances, understanding what causes them to break may help you prevent breakage. However, regular wear and tear can also take its toll to the point where dentures become vulnerable to breaking.

What Can Result in a Broken Denture?

Dentures wear out due to daily chewing. In addition, eating acidic foods can create even more wear and tear on them.

If you drop your dentures on a hard surface, there is a chance the impact can break them. Forgetting to soak your dentures in water or a solution overnight can make them lose their shape and increase the chance of them breaking if you were to drop them.

Aging often results in bone loss and can change size of your jaws over time. As a result, the denture may no longer fit your mouth properly. This could cause additional stress on the denture and make it more prone to breaking or cracking.

Temperature shifts between hot and cold can also make a denture more susceptible to breaking.

What Should You Do If Your Denture Breaks?

The ADA warns that you shouldn’t use a do-it-yourself repair kit to try to fix your dentures. The following are some reasons not to do so:

  • Over-the-counter glues can contain harmful substances that can harm your health
  • Chemicals in repair kits may also harm dentures
  • Trying to fix a denture yourself may damage it to the point where it can’t be repaired
  • If a poor fit caused the denture to break, you will need new ones that fit properly

Do You Have Questions About Dental Care?

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