Taking Care of Your Child’s Baby Teeth

Baby teeth typically emerge around six months after birth. They are your child’s first set of teeth and generally fall out when a child is around five or six years old.

How Do Baby Teeth Prepare for Permanent Teeth?

In most cases, baby teeth fall out when they are supposed to. The body’s natural process is for their roots to reabsorb when permanent teeth start to emerge. The baby tooth serves as a guide for the permanent tooth to erupt in the proper alignment. They maintain the space along the gum. As the tooth pushes upward, the baby tooth loosens and eventually falls out.

Other Vital Roles of Healthy Baby Teeth

Tooth decay leading to cavities is the most common reason children lose baby teeth. According to Medical XPress, premature loss can lead to serious misalignment of permanent teeth.

Not only are the first teeth important for proper later tooth alignment, they’re important for other reasons as well. Chewing and biting is necessary for children to get proper nutrition. Teeth also help with a child’s speech development.

Cavity Prevention at an Early Age

Fluoridated toothpaste and water play a large role in preventing cavities. According to a study done in New Zealand involving 276,00 children around the age of four, some had fluoridated water and some didn’t. The study showed children living in areas with fluoridated water were less likely to develop cavities than other children.

Fluoridated water was the most effective form of cavity prevention. Even though dental checkups are more limited during the pandemic, water fluoridation remains a valid protection.

Concerned about Your Child’s Dental Health?

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