If you’re happy with your dental work, let others know about it

At Hutto Hippo Family Dental, we offer a $50 referral fee for friends or family. In other words, when you refer someone, we add a $50 credit to your account.

Dentists, who love what they do, take pride in their work. There’s a certain amount of joy derived from doing a job well. Not to mention, helping patients have healthy teeth and gums is a reward in itself. Contributing to someone’s health makes you happy, right?

Sometimes patients are very stressed and concerned about a dental problem. They may even be in extreme physical pain. Putting them at ease and providing treatment can resolve these problems. The patient can receive mental and physical relief.

What does this have to do with referral fees for friends of family? Well, happy patients often tell others about their experience. Word-of-mouth promotion is the best promotion there is. This is true for any business. In our practice, it describes a win-win service, where the patients benefit, the people referring benefit and the dentist benefits.

Paying referral fees is something we are glad to do.

Why dental health is important

Good dental health is a gift toward well-being. In fact the Mayo Clinic says oral health is “A window to your overall health.” Good dental health can help your heart, your pregnancy, your blood sugar levels and your bones. You reduce the risk of many diseases by keeping your gums and teeth healthy. So, encouraging someone to get dental treatment is a way of caring about them.

Do you have friends or family you’d like to refer? Get a $50 Referral Fee for friends or family.

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