If you could, would you do it?


You can replace a tooth through a simple short implant procedure? It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it isn’t.

Many people don’t like getting dental implants because the process typically would take a long time. It would require surgery, time to let the area heal, and do more measurements. Getting an implant could take months or up to a year in some cases. Busy schedules don’t allow many people to get off work for multiple dental visits.

Guided implant placement greatly shortens the time for implants. It is a newer technology that uses a CAT scan and CEREC technology. The combination of these two technologies captures the information to design an implant while the patient sits in the chair. Tin fact, the process only takes about 15 minutes. A device for guided implant placement for a custom implant and a custom crown is mailed to the dentist.

How Does it Work?

The company receives the information from the scan and CEREC technology by email. Ten days later your dentist receives a mouthpiece that fits the patients mouth and missing tooth area. When you come for your appointment, your dentist will the gums where the implant will go. The mouthpiece contains a guide hole, which the dentist uses to guide the drill in the proper way, the right depth and angle. Each patient’s guide is tailored just for them. The dentist places the implant precisely where it should go, removes the mouthpiece and screws in the implant. All done. Within around an hour and a half, you receive the implant in one surgery.

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