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Often when you understand the cause of something, you can take preventative actions to avoid having it happen to you. It stands to reason that it’s a good idea to understand what causes tooth loss.

According to Healthsite, the top 10 reasons for tooth loss are:

Lack of good oral hygiene. You should brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day to prevent plaque build-up.

Irregular check-ups. Every six months you should get your teeth cleaned to remove plaque build up that brushing and flossing doesn’t handle.

Failing to deal with cavities. If you don’t get your cavities filled, teeth can worsen to the point of losing the tooth.

Poor diet. You need a good amount of calcium in your diet for maintaining bone density. Eating a lot of sugar and carbohydrates creates acid that can damage your teeth.

Trauma. A fall or blow can damage a tooth and lead to root fracture and infection.

Teeth grinding. Grinding your teeth while you sleep can wear down teeth and also result in bone loss in the jaw.

Not straightening teeth. Teeth that aren’t aligned make it harder to clean between the teeth. You’re more prone to tartar build up and gum disease, which is a major cause of tooth loss.

Smoking and drinking alcohol. Statistics show smokers are two times more likely to lose teeth than non-smokers due to a higher risk for gum disease. Smoking reduces the blood supply to the gums.

Diabetes. Diabetes lowers immunity, increases plaque formation and makes you more prone to gum disease. Healing is also slower in diabetics.

By taking good care of your teeth and gums, you may be able to avoid the reasons most people don’t want to see the dentist — tooth extractions, drilling for cavities and root canals. Stay ahead of the game and help your children take care of their teeth too.

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