Are you unsure about getting a dental procedure?

At Hutto Hippo Family Dental, we offer a free second dental opinion. Dentists who put their patients first want them to understand their options. Also, they want patients to be able to make informed decisions. Not to mention, patients should feel confident that their treatment has been effective. Sometimes getting a second opinion can help you receive the dental care that’s right for you. This is especially true when you feel unsure about a particular dental procedure.

The dentist providing a second opinion may confirm what your regular dentist proposed. Or, the second opinion may provide other options that are less expensive or more in line with your goals for dental care.

Is it fair to your regular dentist to get a second opinion?

Here’s what an article published by JADA (Journal of the American Dental Association) and the ADA (American Dental Association) had to say:

“It is perfectly acceptable for a patient to seek a second opinion. In fact, dentists should consider suggesting that their patients obtain second opinions, especially when they have questions or concerns about the appropriateness of the recommended treatment.”

Reasons to get another opinion

Making dental decisions isn’t always easy. Implants, veneers and bridges can be expensive. For that reason, such treatments may warrant a second opinion. Getting a second opinion can help relieve your stress and might help you find a better way to deal with costs. Or, perhaps you’ve received dental work that didn’t resolve your issues.

When we provide you with another opinion, you aren’t obligated to use us as a dental care provider. Choosing your dentist is up to you. However, we would be delighted to have you as a patient.

Arrange for a free second dental opinion today

We’re happy to answer your questions, discuss your concerns and give a free second opinion. Give us a call at Hutto Hippo Family Dental. Our friendly staff is glad to help. Our number is (512) 806-7740.