flossing with a waterpik is better than floss

Did you know that one out of two Americans over the age of 30 has gum disease? That’s more than you probably guessed, right? The percentage increases to 70% for individuals over the age of 65.

Besides discomfort and bleeding gums, in the worst cases, gum disease leads to bone and tooth loss. Researchers have also found that gum disease is linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. You can read more details about gum disease at Perio.org.

Solutions to deal with and prevent gum disease

The good news is you can do something about having healthier gums. In addition to regular brushing, water flossing can remove plaque and debris that lies below the gum line.

Water Pik states that water flossing is 50% more effective than string flossing and up to 80% more effective than Sonicare® Air Floss (model HX8181) for improving gum health.

How do you water floss?

It’s easy and only takes a minute. You point the flosser tip between your teeth and along the gum line. The water flows out and removes the hard to reach plaque and particles you don’t reach when brushing.

Taking a proactive approach to dental care can help you avoid greater problems further down the line. If you notice your teeth are sensitive around the gums, ask Dr. Baker about it. He can examine your teeth and gums and suggest the best way to deal with any problems. Preserving your healthy smile is worth it.