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Every year dental research opens the door to new discoveries and exciting treatments that are potentially revolutionary for dental health. Can you imagine getting anesthesia without needles? What about no more fillings or the end of periodontal disease?

While these breakthroughs in dental research have not yet hit the mainstream and aren’t available yet at your local dental office, they offer great promise for dentistry’s future.

According DPR’s Modern Dental Network, here were some of the greatest breakthroughs in dental research:

  • Dental anesthesia without needles. Research done at the University of São Paulo might do away with the use of needles to deliver anesthesia. Many patients are afraid of needles. With the new breakthrough, dentists would be able to use a small electric current to deliver the anesthesia instead of a needle.
  • Discovery to eliminate root canal infections. Bacteria often leads to infections after root canals but a new device is designed to detect remaining bacteria once a root canal is completed. The device is called SafeRoot. This is significant because about 25% of root canals fail due to infections.
  • Vaccine to end periodontitis. Scaling and root planing have been the traditional treatment to remove plaque, along with surgery in some cases. Research done at the University of Melbourne discovered a vaccine that would neutralize antibodies and protect against periodontitis (inflammation of gums and gum shrinkage resulting in tooth loss).
  • End of dental fillings. Researchers at the King’s College in London studied the effects of stem cells to facilitate dentin production, which would replace the dentin destroyed by cavities.
  • A new coating to prevent infection after dental implants. The new coating for metal implants is able to prevent bacterial infection and also eliminate infection when it does occur.

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