Tooth erosion is caused by acidity. Some foods and drinks are more acidic than others and acidity can affect the enamel on your teeth by wearing them down, which can lead to tooth sensitivity, discoloration and loss of teeth.

Some of the worst beverages for your teeth are soda and fruit juices. Medical News Today reported information from a study done by researchers at King’s College London. The purpose of the study was to reveal which foods and drinks caused the most tooth erosion.

Tooth Erosion Study Findings

Researchers discovered that not only were certain foods worse for your teeth, but how they were consumed also was a relevant factor.

As expected, acidic foods and drinks led to tooth erosion, but here were some findings that were not quite as expected:

  • Adults drinking acidic beverages twice daily, between meals were 11 times more at risk for moderate or severe tooth erosion.
  • When the adults consumed acidic drinks with meals, risks dropped in half.
  • One or less dietary acid a day was not harmful for your teeth.
  • Fruit teas, fruit flavored candies and fruit flavored medications put people at risk for erosion and so did pickled foods.
  • Adding lemon to hot water made the beverage just as acidic as cola.
  • Sugar-free soda was just as erosive as sugar-sweetened soda.
  • Hot drinks were more erosive than cold drinks.

Whether You Sip, Swish or Drink a Beverage Quickly Matters

According to the ADA, you should not sip, swish or hold an acidic beverage in your mouth. Rinsing your mouth out with water after consuming an acidic beverage can help lessen tooth erosion and so can reducing the amount of acidic beverages you drink.

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