How Hutto became associated with hippo

Hutto Hippo Family Dental took its name from Hutto, Texas and its unique hippo legend. Hutto is unique in that no other town or high school in the U.S. has a hippo as its mascot. How this came about is a tale that has endeared hippos to Hutto residents for decades.

A Circus Train Stopped at the Depot and the Rest Is Hutto Hippo History

In 1915 a circus train stopped at the Hutto depot to board passengers, restock supplies and take care of the animals. During the layover, a hippopotamus got away from its trainer and discovered Cottonwood Creek. According to local legend the wet and muddy creek waters suited the hippo just fine due to the similarity to its natural habitat. Meanwhile, the train depot agent telegraphed the communities of Taylor and Round Rock, “Stop trains, hippo loose in Hutto.”

Extracting the hippo from the creek was a challenging task, but one that was finally accomplished.

The circus and train continued on their journey but “hippo” remained an idea that lingered in the minds of Hutto residents. Hutto High School chose the hippopotamus as its school mascot and by 1923 high school graduation announcements bore an image of a hippo. As time went along, town residents began displaying concrete hippos, and today there are more than 3,000 concrete hippos in the town. You’ll find hippos proudly displayed in residences and businesses alike.

Memorialized by this town, the hippo is here to stay.

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