Dentists Are Treating More Patients for Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding has become more prevalent during the coronavirus pandemic. Why? Stress is the underlying reason. And the pandemic has increased the stress levels in many people’s lives.

In a recent Cleveland Clinic survey, 77 percent of men reported increased stress due to the pandemic and 45 percent said their mental health worsened. Sources of stress range from worries about money and jobs to isolation depression and fear of getting sick. How will kids cope with not being able to socialize and go to school? Many factors are disrupting normal lifestyles and the reaction is often anxiety or depression. People are experiencing changes in sleep patterns, trouble concentrating or sleeping, changes in eating patterns along with increased use of tobacco, alcohol or other substances.

Teeth Grinding Issues Are Popping Up

Stress gets the adrenal glands working overtime in flight or fight mode, which releases extra energy to the body. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the body clenches its muscles, pushes teeth together and grinds in an effort to reduce the energy created by stress.

Teeth grinding comes with a host of bodily problems. Aside from headaches, it wears down the enamel on your teeth. It can also cause soreness, cracked teeth, tooth decay, tender gums, lockjaw and biting inside the cheek.

Not to mention, people under stress often resort to eating comfort food and junk foods, which contain sugar. The extra acid produced from this type of diet can lead to tooth decay.

What Can You Do to Help Relieve the Teeth Grinding?

A dentist can recommend bite guards to wear overnight. Exercising daily may help release energy and reduce muscle tension. Part of stress management can include not watching the news for a while. Self-care methods that help many people deal with stress involve talking with a friend, meditating, reading or journaling.

You can get dental checkups and treatment to deal with cavities.

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