Over the years, dental implants have become an increasingly popular dental care solution, abd today’s trend is to save your teeth, whenever possible. We live in an age where technological advances are made all the time. Many people choose implants over dentures.

Recently, Science Daily released some news about implant improvements that you might find interesting.

Dental Implants Designed to Overcome Bacterial Infection and Bone Loss

The greatest challenge for implants is that the mouth may become infected, causing the implant to fail. UPV/EHU-University has developed anti-bacterial coatings that can prevent potential infection. Furthermore, these coatings facilitate the implant’s anchoring in the bone. When implants don’t integrate into the bone well, they may not take hold. Prior to working on the antibacterial issues, researchers had developed coatings that facilitated bone generation around the implant so the implant would become stable.

Bacteria Are Resistant to Many Antibiotics

This new development is impressive because researchers also had to use anti-bacterial agents that work. Many bacterial strains have become resistant to common antibiotics.

The study used various types of anti-bacterial agents. Some agents prevented bacteria from adhering to the area in the first place. Other agents worked on eliminating bacteria after it had developed on the implant. Depending on the coating’s function, whether to prevent bacteria or eliminate bacteria, the nature of the coating differed. Developing the right combination of anti-bacterial and bone-integrating coatings was quite an accomplishment.

The study also tested applying the coating to the titanium screws of already existing implants. The application would be helpful for patients who already have implants but are having problems with them.

However, this research is still in the testing stages, and it will take time before its surgical use in implants will be available from your dentist.

Dr. Baker stays on the cutting edge of technology, always looking for better ways to help his patients.

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