Six Month Smile®—Straight Teeth in 6 Months

Summer is a great time for creating Hollywood smiles

Six Month Smile® is a dental procedure that can straighten your teeth in six months. It differs significantly from traditional braces. For many patients, it is the perfect solution for crooked or crowded teeth or gaps between teeth.

How Does the Six Month Smile Differ from Traditional Braces?

Instead of using silver wires and brackets, the Six Month Smile® uses tooth-colored wires and clear brackets. It is a comparatively quick process. Also, for minor gaps and crowded teeth, sometimes dentists can use invisible aligners instead of braces. Whether using aligners or braces, the process can take as little as six months. Because it takes less time, it also is typically less expensive. Patients generally have to wear traditional braces for at least 12 months and possibly up to 24 months.

How Does the Process Work?

Within about an hour, the dentist fastens your wires and brackets onto your teeth. Most patients receive between three to seven adjustments while wearing braces. Dr. Baker can do the adjustments between your hygiene visits and can complete most realignments within six months.

Advantages of Using the Six Month Smile

Whether you get braces or the invisible alignment, either is barely noticeable. Dentists, who provide this treatment train specifically to do this process. The process is much faster than traditional orthodontics, and before you know it, you’re finished. Not to mention, we have affordable payment plans. Plus, there’s less discomfort with this procedure than there is with metal braces.

Do you have questions about getting braces or aligner treatment?

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