Can root canal treatment help save an injured tooth that’s still growing?

Root canal treatment for children might not be something you’re aware of until a sports injury occurs. Let’s say your child is on a baseball team, and a ball hits him in the mouth. Or while playing football, your child takes a hard hit that slams against the two front teeth. Now what? The tooth may start discoloring, not to mention hurting. Are there dental solutions for this problem?

What is a root canal?

Teeth contain different parts. The enamel is the hard outer surface. The next layer is dentin. And, the innermost layer is the pulp. When you get a root canal, the dentist removes the pulp inside your tooth.

When a child gets a root canal, the dentist removes the damaged or infected pulp tissue. However, the healthy pulp is not removed.

Let’s say that your child has injured a baby tooth. The permanent tooth has not yet come in. Your dentist would do a partial nerve treatment. For one thing, this treatment is faster than an adult root canal where the dentist removes all the pulp and fills the canal. The purpose of a child’s root canal is to disinfect, stabilize and seal the healthy dentin. Your dentist would probably put a crown on the baby tooth to protect it while the tooth becomes healthy again.

Why root canal treatment for children may be the answer

When your child still has other teeth coming in, keeping a tooth in place helps guide new teeth so they emerge in the right place. Getting a root canal can save the tooth and benefit the other teeth around it.

You’ve saved the tooth, allowing your child to have complete function of their teeth and tongue. Also, you can avoid the speech and eating problems that often come with extractions.

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