respiratory infection and dental health

Recently, a study showed that good dental health — keeping your teeth and gums healthy — reduces the occurrence of pneumonia and respiratory infections. Staying well during the holidays is important to all of us. Good dental health care can help you do that. And fortunately, our knowledge about the benefits of dental health keeps growing.

According to Science Daily, research indicated that out of 26,000 people, those who never got dental checkups were 86% more at risk for getting pneumonia when compared with patients who saw their dentists two times a year.

Why Do Regular Dental Visits Make You Less Prone to Pneumonia?

The body is constantly dealing with bacteria and other microbes, which if left unchecked, can result in illness or disease. Bacteria grow in everyone’s mouths but good dental care reduces the amount of bacteria present.

Here are some facts you may not know:

  • Every year, close to one million Americans become sick with pneumonia and 50,000 people die from it.
  • The elderly, people with AIDS or lung disease get pneumonia more frequently than other people.
  • In a study of 26,246 people, 441 people (or 1.68%) experienced bacterial pneumonia.

Of that 1.68%, 84% had no dental checkups during the year they contracted the disease.

The Respiratory Infection Link to Dental Health

A new study showed that ICU patients receiving dental care were less at risk for developing respiratory tract infections, such as ventilator-associated pneumonia.

The MD who authored the study explained that infections often begin in the oral cavity and the dental care included teeth brushing, tongue scraping, tooth extraction and other treatments. Patients with enhanced dental care were 56 percent less at risk for developing a respiratory tract infection than patients who didn’t receive this care.

Stay Healthy Over the Holidays and Throughout the Year

Get your checkups and practice good dental hygiene. Dr. Baker can help you protect your teeth, gums and overall health through good dental care.