Toothaches can be really painful. Any remedy that reduces pain until you can see the dentist is a relief.

What causes a toothache? There can be more than one cause but common causes include:


Loose fillings

Abscess (infection at the gemlike)

Sinus condition

A cracked tooth

Here are some natural home remedies to lessen toothache pain:

Clove oil. Clove oil contains a natural anesthetic, which can numb the nerve that is causing pain. Put few drops of clove oil on a cotton ball and press the cotton ball again the tooth until the pain lets up. Avoid touching the gums and tongue because the oil can make your gums or tongue sting.

Ginger-cayenne paste. Mix ginger and cayenne in equal proportions, add water and make a paste. Roll a cotton ball in the paste and place it on your tooth. Again, avoid touching the gums and tongue. Leave the cotton ball against the tooth until the pain reduces or for as long as you can tolerate it.

Salt-water mouthwash. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a cup of boiling water. Let it cool and swish it around in your mouth for 30 seconds. Salt water helps clean the tooth area and reduces swelling by drawing out liquid.

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