reasons for braces

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment and braces, it may be because you want to have a beautiful smile and braces are a cosmetic remedy. Many people are self-conscious about their smiles if their teeth are crooked, if there are gaps between their teeth or if they have an overbite or underbite. No doubt in many cases, braces can help you align your teeth properly and obtain a great smile.

Medical Reasons for Orthodontic Treatment and Braces

However, there are also medical reasons why braces are often necessary.

According to medicinenet.com, when your bite is misaligned or your teeth are crooked, you can end up with problems such as the following:

  • Inability to chew properly. When you bite down with misaligned or crooked teeth, the pressure is generally uneven. This is hard on your teeth. Your teeth wear down more easily and the additional pressure and strain can cause them to crack. Your dentist may recommend a crown as treatment to deal with a cracked tooth.
  • Gaps between teeth. If the gap is considerable, your teeth may shift and become loose. You’re more at risk for the tooth falling out.
  • Difficulty cleaning between your teeth, which can lead to cavities and gum disease. When teeth are crooked, it’s hard to get between them to floss, which can lead to plaque buildup. Plaque is harmful for your teeth and can cause cavities. It’s also harmful for your gums when it extends beneath the gum line and can result in gum disease. The first signs of gum disease are swollen gums and bleeding. In addition, gum infection can loosen teeth and result in tooth loss.
  • Speech impediments. Sounds are made by the way your tongue is positioned in relation to your teeth. You may have problems making certain sounds due to misaligned teeth.

Find Out Whether Braces are Right for You

Dr. Baker can examine your teeth and bite and let you know whether braces would help you correct your bite and smile.

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