oral-healthResearchers have found that oral health and diabetes are linked with each other. There is, in fact, a relationship between the two conditions.

What Is Oral Health?

Oral Health is the state of health your mouth is in. Is it free from disease? Are your teeth and gums in good condition? These are factors that determine oral health.

The Connection between Oral Health and Diabetes

NDTV published an article that described researchers’ findings from the City of Hope National Medical Center in Duarte, California. Their study revealed that the number of missing teeth a person had and the progressive decline in glucose tolerance (diabetes) were related. They studied many factors, including family history of diabetes, smoking status, age, gender, race, ethnic group, alcohol-consumption, education and poverty index. Here were the statistics that showed the link:

  • In the group of people with normal glucose tolerance, 45.57% were missing teeth
  • In the group of people with reduced glucose tolerance, 82.87% were missing teeth.

Good Oral Hygiene as a Preventative Measure Against Oral Health Problems

The good news is that there are foods that promote healthy teeth and gums.

Foods recommended for strong gums include:


Apples contain malic acid, which increases saliva production, and saliva helps remove bacteria from your mouth. The fiber in apples also helps keep your gums healthy.

Nuts and Seeds

The slightly rough texture of nuts and seeds is good for removing plaque and stains. Walnuts and flax seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which has been known to lower the risk of gum disease.

Foods High in Vitamin C

Oranges, berries and lime are high in vitamin C, which can prevent gum infections.

Foods that help strengthen your teeth include:


The calcium in milk helps strengthen your teeth, and the protein casein reduces acid levels in the mouth (lessening gum erosion).


Cheese provides minerals like calcium and phosphorous, which make teeth whiter and stronger and protects the enamel, which prevents decay.


Strawberries contain abundant antioxidants that inhibit growth of bacteria and help your oral heath in general.

Do You Have Questions About Oral Health?

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