national childrens dental month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. At Hutto Hippo Family Dental, we join in the focus of promoting children’s dental health. We’re writing a three-part series of blogs that can help you with your child’s dental care.

By providing dental care for your children while they are young, you can help them develop healthy habits and have beautiful smiles.

The American Dental Association (ADA) along with Crest and Oral B bring a month-long observance of children’s dental health. Thousands of dental professionals, educators and healthcare providers are coming together in a joint effort to make a difference for kids.

Making Healthcare Fun for Kids

Because dental checkups aren’t something patients typically look forward to, you may dread bringing your children for their first dental checkup. But it doesn’t have to be a sobering occasion. There are ways to make dental healthcare fun for kids and if you present it as an exciting new adventure, you’ve won half the battle.

Small children love to explore and discover things. They also like to mimic their parents and do what their mommies and daddies do. You can get creative with teaching them how to brush and take care of their teeth.

Here’s a video by Colgate where a little girl’s imagination reveals cartoon characters that she calls the “nasties.” She shows kids how to brush their teeth and that brushing her teeth is her most effective way of outsmarting the nasties.

Play the Oral Hygiene Game Called Heroes of Hygiene

Another way to get kids excited about dental care is to play an oral hygiene game. Your kids can choose which different characters they want to be — Captain Molar, Enamel Girl, Pearly whites or Max Floss. They’ll have fun while they learn the best brushing techniques and other facts about dental care. You can download the Heroes of Hygiene app for your iPhone or Android.

Do You Have Questions About  Care for Your Children’s Dental Health?

Dr. Baker is glad to answer your questions and help you put plans in place for your child’s dental care. He also can educate you about home dental healthcare so you can get an early start helping your child form good dental habits.

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