February Is the Designated Month for U.S. Children’s Dental Care

National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM) focuses on children and their dental care. It’s an opportunity for dental professionals, healthcare providers, caregivers and teachers to coordinate. They can encourage good oral health for children in a number of ways.

The ADA reaches out using NCDHM programs. It publishes news releases in:

  • Newspapers
  • Hospital newsletters
  • Library bulletin boards
  • Church bulletins
  • Chamber of Commerce newsletters

Posters are available for the campaign slogan, which is “Fluoride in water prevents cavities! Get it from the tap!” Our article “Water Fluoridation”provides explanations and statistics about fluoride. It also explains how fluoride helps prevent cavities in both children and adults.

When Did National Children’s Dental Health Month Begin?

NCHIM began during February 1941 with a one-day event taking place in Cleveland, Ohio and an event that lasted a week long in Akron, Ohio. From that humble beginning it grew into a national program. February 8, 1949 was the first national observance promoted by the ADA. The nationwide observance lasted a week in 1951. The ADA extended it to a month-long observance in 1981.

Why Is NCHIM Important for Your Child?

Through promotion, NCDHM reaches large numbers of people throughout the U.S., including those living at armed service bases. The habits and attitudes you instill in children early on will last a lifetime. After all, who doesn’t want a beautiful smile? Aside from seeing posters that convey the importance of dental care, other ways can also engage hour child in dental care:

  • Coloring and essay contests
  • Health fairs
  • Free dental screenings
  • Museum exhibits
  • Classroom presentations
  • Dental office tours

Are You Concerned about Your Child’s Dental Care?

Make an appointment with one of our dentists at Hutto Hippo Family Dental. We can help you incorporate preventative measures and provide dental treatment.

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