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Using a mouthwash is good for you in a number of ways. You might have suspected that because when you go to the dentist and get your teeth cleaned, the dental hygienist typically offers you mouthwash for rinsing at the end of the cleaning.

According to MedBroadcast.com, a mouthwash provides you with a number of benefits.

Using a Mouthwash Helps for Cleaner and Whiter teeth

Some  brands promote that they whiten teeth, and certain ones can help with teeth whitening. Aside from the cosmetic benefit, they also help prevent or reduce tartar and plaque. After you brush, if any plaque still remains in your mouth, a mouthwash can help rinse it way along with any lingering food particles.

Help with Canker Sores

An antibacterial mouthwash can kill the bacteria around a canker sore and is helpful in that way. Canker sores can be caused by various factors, including a mouth injury, acidic or spicy foods, stress, autoimmune disorders or hormones. Most canker sores heal on their own, without needing treatment. Rinsing your mouth with salt water and putting a pinch of salt directly onto the canker sore is a home remedy that can also help you get rid of a canker sore faster.

Strengthening Teeth and Cavity Prevention

If you choose a rinse that contains fluoride, it can help strengthen your tooth enamel, which protects your teeth against cavities.

Protection Against Gum Disease

Because a mouthwash kills bacteria, it can also protect your gums against gum disease, especially in its early stages.

See Dr. Baker on a Regular Basis

Getting regular checkups is another good way to keep your teeth and gums healthy. At Hutto Hippo Family Dental, Dr. Baker enjoys answering your questions and suggesting ways to take care of your teeth. He wants his patients to have healthy looking smiles.

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