people keeping their natural teeth

If you grew up in the 20th century, maybe one or more of your grandparents had dentures. Dentures were the norm. That’s the way dental life was back then. However today, as people live longer, the majority of people are keeping their natural teeth.

Here are some statistics that speak to this fact that were published in WebMD. The results come from people surveyed in all 50 states along with Washington D.C. and three U.S. territories:

More than half of older adults in 26 states have most of their teeth (they’ve lost five or fewer)

The numbers of older adults that lost all their teeth varied from state to state

Hawaii and California had only 13% who were missing all natural teeth

Kentucky and West Virginia reported more than 40% of older adults were missing all their teeth

Top Five States in Dental Health

The top 6 states with the healthiest oral hygiene in older adults were:

Utah – 64%

California/Colorado – 61%

Hawaii – 60%

Minnesota – 59%

Arizona – 57%

North Carolina and Oklahoma had the lowest numbers of older adults with healthy oral hygiene, ranking at 33%.

Join the ranks of people who are saving their teeth!

Regular dental check ups, routine teeth cleaning and good dental hygiene can help you maintain your beautiful smile.

At Hutto Hippo Family Dental, we strive to provide you with information that can help you take care of everyone’s teeth in your family.

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