You Too Can Have a Hollywood Smile

Hollywood straight permanent white teeth

Hollywood straight permanent white teeth are not something all Hollywood stars come by naturally. The “Hollywood smile” is typically the product of dental work. And, your success may not lie “all in your smile,” but don’t fool yourself. Your smile matters. It matters a lot.

Straightening, shaping and whitening are the most important cosmetic elements for a great smile. Beautifully contoured teeth have aesthetic appeal.

Each person’s smile is different. Some patients want a total makeover. Others only want subtle changes. We provide patients with a tailored approach. Let us know what you want to have done.

Straightening your teeth without braces

We offer a cosmetic procedure for patients who have mildly crooked teeth. They don’t need to wear braces.

Porcelain veneers are another way to make teeth look straight. A veneer is a paper thin piece of porcelain that covers the surface of a discolored tooth or a broken tooth. The veneer creates a permanent change in the tooth and in your smile.

Through veneers and cosmetic bonding, we can—in basically two appointments—straighten your teeth. Not only permanently whiten them with veneers but make them look “Hollywood straight.”

Contouring your smile

Bonding is a way to fill in gaps between teeth. Or fill in a cavity on a front tooth using a tooth colored composite that blends in with your smile. It’s all done in one appointment.

Whitening your teeth

All of our whitening procedures at Hutto Hippo Family Dental are accompanied with what we call “white for life.” As long as you are a patient and come here for your teeth cleaning, you can ask your hygienist for some whitening gel, and we will give it to you.

Let us help you have Hollywood straight permanent white teeth

Discuss the changes you would like to make to your smile. Give us a call at Hutto Hippo Family Dental. We’re glad to help. Our number is (512) 806-7740.