What to expect from a root canal

Saving your teeth with root canals is often preferrable to having teeth pulled. When cavities or other issues damage the root of a tooth, your dentist may recommend a root canal. However, just as fillings don’t last forever, neither do teeth with root canals last a lifetime.

Researchers conducted a study to analyze data and determine how long teeth survive after root canals.

Details of the study

The study examined data from more than 46,000 patients throughout 99 U.S. community dental practices. The median amount of time a tooth lasted after a root canal was 11.1 years. The median indicates that half of the teeth lasted longer and half lasted less time.

A tooth without a root will at some point become more brittle and eventually die.

What can you do to extend how long your treated tooth lasts?

Certain dental procedures combined with a root canal prolongs the life of the tooth:

  • A root canal plus a filling and crown usually lasts around 20 years
  • A root canal and afterward a filling or a crown typically lasts about 11 years
  • With no restorative work, a tooth with a root canal would last around 6.5 years

Other information showed that depending on where the person lived, teeth with root canals lasted different lengths of time:

  • In the Northeast teeth with root canals lasted 20.5 years
  • The Midwest area showed root canals lasting 11.2 years
  • South Atlantic states had root canals lasting 9.1 years
  • In South Central U.S. areas, root canals lasted 9 years
  • Western areas statistics for root canals showed they lasted 8.7 years

Whether or not patients had dental insurance was also a relevant factor in how long a tooth survived after a root canal.

Do you have concerns about teeth with root canals?

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