Grinding teeth can create problems such as wearing teeth down, cracking teeth, tooth sensitivity, gum recession, loose teeth, headaches and aching jaws. But why do some people grind their teeth and especially why do they often do it in their sleep?

The Link Between Bullying and Grinding Teeth

A recent study published by Oral Health Foundation revealed that grinding teeth could be a sign that a child is a victim of bullying. The study showed that 65% of teenagers who were bullied ground their teeth in their sleep, and 17% who weren’t subjected to bullying did not.

Parents can take this as a possible sign of bullying and can delve into what’s going on.

Bullying can have a psychological impact, and it has long been known that stress is an underlying factor in grinding teeth. Both adults and children are more likely to grind their teeth when under stress.

Many people who grind teeth n their sleep aren’t aware they are doing it.

Dental Care for Grinding Teeth

There are lifestyle changes you can make to eliminate stress for a child. Adults can also give up smoking and alcohol consumption, which can add to their stress and address the source of underlying problems.

There are also treatment options that you dentist can provide you with. Dental remedies include:

  • Using a custom-fitted bite plate or mouth guard that you can wear night or during the day. (It buffers the force from grinding or clenching against your teeth.)
  • Orthodontics if teeth misalignment is adding to the problem.
  • Dental correction, such as crowns or reshaping the chewing surfaces on your teeth.

Do You Have Concerns About Dental Care?

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