Eating healthy over Thanksgiving

Good dental care and a happy Thanksgiving aren’t mutually exclusive. You’ll be glad to know there are healthy ways to go about enjoying your holiday feast.

The Best Appetizer

Raw vegetables, cheese and nuts are a healthy starter and make tasty appetizers. Cheese contains calcium and casein, a protein that strengthens tooth enamel and helps prevent cavities. Nuts are full of calcium and minerals that help remineralize teeth. Not to mention when you chew, your mouth releases saliva, which washes away harmful bacteria. The fiber in vegetables also helps your mouth produce saliva, which aids in cleaning your teeth.

Your Thanksgiving Meal Entre and Side Dishes

The American Dental Association (ADA) gives turkey a thumbs-up as a healthy protein for your meal. The only concern is not getting it stuck between your teeth, but that’s where flossing comes in handy.

Sweet potatoes are a dinner favorite. They get a high rating for keeping gums healthy as a rich source of vitamin A and C. As long as you don’t eat them as part of a casserole topped with marshmallows, sweet potatoes are a healthy side dish. But if you do eat a sweet potato casserole, keep your serving small and drink lots of water to wash away the residue.

Green beans are a popular a side dish often served on Thanksgiving. Sautéed green beans in sesame oil are the healthiest recipe of all for green beans. Sesame oil fights the effects of plaque and in some cases has even reversed gingivitis.

While mashed potatoes provide vitamin B6, vitamin C and potassium, they are also starchy, which can help promote cavities. So have your water or tea handy to wash them down. Rinsing food particles off your teeth is a good dental care practice.

Thanksgiving Desserts in Line with Good Dental Care

If you go for the pumpkin pie, you’ll get a dose of vitamin A, which is healthy for gums and teeth enamel too. No doubt the pie will contain some sugar. But an even healthier dessert is fresh pear slices with honey yogurt dip. Pears neutralize acid that comes in contact with tooth enamel. Yogurt contains calcium and phosphate, which can help remineralize teeth. And honey, while sweet, is also a natural antiseptic.

Eat well, take care of your teeth and be happy.

Hutto Hippo Family Dental wants to wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!