Why filing teeth isn’t a good dental practice for DIY dental care

Filing teeth went viral on Tik Tok when a girl named Mia Dio posted her video. Hesitant to seek professional help during the pandemic unless she had a critical problem, she decided to avoid the dentist. She engaged in a bit of DIY dentistry instead. The novel idea came to her to file her teeth so they would look more aligned. Not to mention, she used a regular nail file and lightly shaved down her upper teeth. However, dentists were shocked because this wasn’t a good idea.

Following her lead, another girl saw the video and filed her teeth as well. However, while filing her lower teeth, she had to file a considerable amount to make some crooked teeth even with other teeth. As a result, she developed sensitivity to cold foods and drinks, which now make her teeth hurt.

What Can Happen When You File Your Teeth

The Washington Post published the article and explained what could happen if you file your teeth.

The hard outer covering of a tooth is called enamel. And enamel is a thin covering that shields the rest of the tooth. Furthermore, the layers of a tooth under the enamel are pulp, which contain the tooth’s nerves. Unfortunately, unlike nails, enamel doesn’t grow back after being filed. If you lose enamel, you’ve lost the outer protective layer of tooth. Enamel loss makes patients more prone to cavities, tooth sensitivity and nerve damage.

Do You Need Help with Dental Care?

Even during the pandemic, dentists encourage patients to continue regular dental care. Putting health protocols in place helps them deal with the coronavirus and keep patients safe.

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