Electric toothbrushes are suggestions many dentists make for improving their patients’ brushing habits. In fact, “brush and floss” is the mantra of dentists around the world, and for good reason. Cultivating good brushing and flossing habits at an early age will help your child grow into an adult who has healthy teeth and gums.

According to todayonine, many physical problems are associated with oral hygiene, including heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis, to name a few. Untreated tooth decay affects close to half of the global population — children as well as adults — an estimated 60 to 90 percent of school children.

We are fortunate to live in an age where technology helps make our lives easier in many ways. Our mobile phones are so much more than just a phone – they’re a mini pocket computer, camera, GPS, etc. The breakthrough news about electric toothbrushes is they can also be smart electric toothbrushes.

What Are Smart Electric Toothbrushes?

Oral-B showcased its first smart electric toothbrush at the Mobile World Congress. It uses a Bluetooth 4.0 connection and a limited number these toothbrushes are now available in the US, Germany and the UK.

What does it do? It records your brushing activity, which it displays on a chart and shows when you brushed, how long you brushed and how hard or soft you brushed. The data can be sent to your dentist for evaluation. You can customize the brushing, brush harder or softer, set targets for brushing and can even use your smart phone to program the toothbrush remotely.

Prior to this technological innovation, dentists recommended electric toothbrushes for better brushing. Smart toothbrushes take it a step further and can help you and your children improve your brushing habits.

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