will red wine prevent cavities

Red wine may help prevent cavities according to an article published in Medical News Today and the Huffington Post.

An article published by the ADA (American Dental Association) countered the study referenced in these articles. So, before you get excited and run out to purchase red wine, the ADA reports that the bacteria associated with causing cavities went unaffected by red wine. It points out that there are other substances more effective in cavity prevention. Researchers in the study indicated that red wine with or without alcohol content might inhibit certain oral bacteria growth.

The red wine study also indicated that the red wine might be good for periodontal health because it limited the growth of bacteria underlying periodontal disease. The ADA countered saying that this may be true if you hold the red wine in your mouth for two minutes, every seven hours for seven days. Again — perhaps red wine is not the best preventative technique.

According to the ADA, the tried and true methods for good oral health remain:

Brushing twice a day with ADA accepted fluoride toothpaste

Clean between your teeth once a day

Eat a healthy diet and limit snacks

Visit your dentist regularly

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