teeth cleaning while you are pregnant


If you’re pregnant, you’ll go through hormone changes that can affect your gums and teeth. Even though you have pregnancy related conditions grabbing your attention, continuing your dental care during pregnancy is important.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA) (http://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/pregnancy/concerns), here are some ways pregnancy can affect your teeth and gums:

Gums. Hormone changes create a condition in some women called “pregnancy gingivitis.” Their gums swell and they experience bleeding and gum sensitivity. This can happen when they brush or floss. Frequent cleanings may be the answer to prevent this from happening.

Tooth decay. Morning sickness leads to more acid in the mouth, which can break down tooth enamel and create cavities. Also, some women get cravings for sweets and eat more sugar than when they did prior to pregnancy. In addition, sometimes tiredness, tender gums or morning sickness leads to not brushing your teeth twice a day. Your dentist can help you deal with tooth decay problems.

Pregnancy tumors. Some women have tissue over-growth that appears on the gums during the second trimester. The tissue growths aren’t cancer but are caused by swelling and may be linked to excess plaque. Typically, these growths disappear after childbirth.

If you’re concerned about receiving local anesthetics, x-rays or other medications, discuss them with your dentist and be sure to let him know you’re pregnant. The ADA reports that various studies show such treatments are safe for pregnant women.

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