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As a parent, you may be curious to know how your child’s teeth will develop and what to expect.

Baby Teeth

Your newborn baby already has 20 baby teeth present in the jaws at birth. Most parents see teeth beginning to break through the gum. They typically appear when your child is between six months and one year old. Usually, the first teeth to come in are the two center bottom teeth, then the two center top teeth followed by the two top teeth on either side. The rest of the teeth come in top and bottom with the back molars coming in last. By age three, most children have all 20 baby teeth.

A complete set of baby teeth lasts from around age three until age six or seven.

Losing Baby Teeth and Emerging Permanent Teeth

After your child is four years old, the jaw and facial bones start growing and this makes room between the baby teeth for permanent teeth to emerge. The stage of losing baby teeth begins around six years old, when your child’s teeth start to loosen. Baby teeth usually fall out in the same order that they appeared — the bottom two first, the top two next and so on. The last teeth they lose are the molars, and this usually happens by the time they are age 12 or 13. The roots of the baby teeth simply dissolve or are reabsorbed.

Once a tooth is loose, it can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple months before it falls out. It’s okay for your child to wiggle the loose tooth. This may make it fall out sooner.

Child’s Teeth Dental Care after Losing a Tooth

After losing a tooth and especially if the gum is bleeding, your child should gargle with warm water. It’s okay to have your child continue brushing with toothpaste but don’t brush too hard where the tooth fell out because it can irritate the area.

Follow up with Regular Checkups

At Hutto Hippo Family Dental, Dr. Baker helps you keep your child’s teeth and gums healthy.