cavity prevention pill

The idea of taking a pill for cavity prevention certainly has appeal, if for no other reason than it sounds so simple.

Researchers at the University of Florida have studied bacteria, and based on their findings they may be able to produce a pill that helps you fight cavities. In their studies of oral bacteria, they discovered a strain that fights the principal strain of oral bacteria that causes cavity formation.

Bacteria and Cavity Prevention

This good bacteria that are effective in preventing cavity formation is a type of Streptococcus named AD12. It helps your mouth maintain a healthy pH level by neutralizing acid. When pH levels are too acidic, the imbalance isn’t healthy, and the main bacteria that cause cavities thrive in an acidic oral environment. Previous research showed that ammonia helps break down particular compounds in the mouth.

Perhaps you’ve known people who are not cavity prone and have wondered why this is so. Some patients have a neutrally balanced pH with more ammonia present to balance the acidic tendency, and therefore they have an increased ability to break down the compounds in their mouths. And you might have guessed it — this ability also results in fewer cavities.

Research that Could Lead to a Cavity Prevention Pill

Researchers studied bacteria that break down compounds in the mouth, by collecting plaque samples and isolating more than 2,000 types of bacteria. Of the 2,000 different types of bacteria, 54 bacteria metabolized and broke down certain compounds. The most promising bacteria for use in a probiotic application were A12.

In the same way you can take probiotics to balance bacteria in the intestine and promote digestive health, they hope to create a pill that balances bacteria in your mouth and helps prevent cavity formation.

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