The facts about sparkling water

People have questioned whether sparkling water could harm your teeth due to its carbonation content. Typically, carbonation results in higher acid levels. But is it enough to wear away at tooth enamel and cause damage to teeth?

Mouthhealthy.com, an American Dental Association (ADA) website, responded to this concern.

ADA Referenced Research Results

Research showed that sparkling water would not harm your teeth. Researchers conducted a study on extracted teeth that were donated to research. They tested regular water and fizzy water to see their effects on tooth enamel. Both had the same effect. Although one was slightly more acidic, it made no difference.

Additional Facts About Sparkling Water

Further information and guidelines to keep in mind include:

  • People love the fizziness of sodas. And with fizzy water, they can enjoy the fizz without the high amounts of sugar in many beverages. However, the best drink of all for your teeth is water. Also, the fluoride in water helps fight tooth decay. Furthermore, both types of water can help wash away food particles that lead to bacteria. They also prevent your mouth from becoming too dry. Quite frankly, a dry mouth is a breeding ground for cavity-causing bacteria.
  • Pay attention to whether your drink has citrus flavor because the flavoring can also create higher acidic levels. It’s ideal to drink your beverage with a meal rather than sipping it over a longer period of time. This would be to avoid prolonged exposure in case it contains higher acidic levels.
  • When the fizzy water also contains sugar, it’s no longer simply sparkling water. Any beverage that is sugar-sweetened, even fruit juices, are not good for your teeth.

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